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Geoff Kiel has provided consulting services for over 40 years. As well as founding Strategic Governance, Geoff was the Joint Managing Director of Marketshare Pty Ltd in the 1990s. Marketshare was a major provider of marketing research, marketing and strategic
consultancy services.

He later founded Competitive Dynamics Pty Ltd which provided consultancy services in governance, strategy, marketing and general management. Competitive Dynamics is now known as Effective Governance. During that time he has worked for clients in a wide range of different industry sectors.

Listed companies

We have provided board reviews, policy advice, strategic planning, CEO assessments and training to a number of large Australian listed companies. We also conducted the strategic planning over several years for a large international NASDAQ listed software company.

Private companies

The same range of services provided to listed companies has been provided to several private companies.

Family business

We are very familiar with the specific needs of family businesses. Geoff Kiel currently chairs the supervisory board of one large family business in manufacturing.


We have an extensive not-for-profit practice. Over time we have worked with not-for-profit organisations across most of the broad spectrum of not-for-profits including social services, disability services, charities, environmental organisations and churches.


We have provided different types of consultancy services to around half of Australia’s universities. Given Geoff Kiel’s extensive senior academic background, we are very familiar with the specific needs and nuances of the university sector. Services to universities have included Council reviews, reviews of Academic Boards, strategy advice and facilitation and training of Council members and senior managers in university governance.


Schools are another area of specialty. We have recently provided high level masterclasses in school governance for Australian Independent Schools – New South Wales. We have undertaken strategic planning for schools, reviewed school boards and governance structures, implemented risk management programs and provided specialised training on strategy and governance for schools.

Industry Associations

We have conducted governance reviews and strategic planning for several industry associations.


We have undertaken many assignments for both federal, state and local government. These have ranged from strategic planning assignments, advice and reviews of government boards and training assignments.